Non-standard credentials | WordPress Safety

The entry page in the WordPress administrator is one of the most vulnerable pages of your site. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the registration name of the administrator and password in the control panel.
Use displaced names such as Admin, Administrator or the domain name of your site is not recommended. It is necessary to create non-standard names. Amend the default administrator name is as follows.

Go to Wordpress Administrative Panel

In the Users section, click on the Add New User button.

Fill out the form with the new name and the assigned role of the administrator

Save the changes and exit the WordPress control panel

Then go to the administrative panel again on the new name

Open the Users section and delete the former administrator name.

Use complex passwords of the size of at least 8 characters. Do not use 123456 passwords ... - It is easy to hack! It is more difficult to hack a password consisting of numbers, the letters of the lower and top register and special signs. Use their combinations.

Significantly enhance the security of the entry into the control panel can be turned on two-stage authentication. Double-step authentication adds an additional level of protection for the authorization page. From the very name should be an understanding of the process.

The first stage is the usual request of your authorization. The second stage - receiving an email to your mobile phone in the form of a 6-digit code. This code must be entered in the authentication form field.