WordPress Writing Settings.

The purpose of the parameters and the required settings are shown below.

Default Post Category (1) - the main category that will be visible on the article creation page.

Post Format.Writing Setting WordPress

Default Post Format (2) - WordPress has a theme feature called post formats, which is a piece of meta information that can be used by a theme to customize its post presentation. Message formats are an optional value that allows developers to define the visual presentation of a message.

WordPress has 10 post formats, namely:
Standard - the default message format.
Aside, a post-like note, usually without a title.
Gallery - Gallery of images.
Link - a link to another site.
Image - An image or photograph.
Quote - Quote.
Status - Twitter likes a short status update
Video - a message containing a video.
Audio is an audio file.
Chat - chat transcript
However, not every theme supports all of these formats, and some themes or plugins have features or templates only for certain post formats.

Post via email.Writing Setting WordPress

You can publish blogs and articles via email. for this you need to configure the email server:
Mail Server (3) - the name of the mail server. For example,
Login Name (4) - mail address. For example
Password (5) - your mail password.
Default mail category (6) - basic category of messages. This category will include all messages posted via email.

Update Services.Writing Setting WordPress

Update Services (7) - designed to notify services that track updates to the content of Wordpress sites. This speeds up the indexing of your articles and posts.The list of services can be found on the Internet. Here's a sample sheet: