WordPress General Settings

Site settings for WordPress can be managed through the Administrative Panel. To do this, you need to log in to the Administrative Panel. Next, through the Setting menu, you need to open the settings pages: General, Writing, Reading, etc. , in each of which the appropriate parameters are set.
The purpose of the parameters and the required settings are shown below.


The purpose of the WordPress general settings parameters


General Setting

1 - Site Title - the site name is displayed in the upper left corner of the page (frontend).
2 - Tagline - a short description of the site.
3 - Wordpress Address (URL) is the Wordpress URL. This setting cannot be changed. It is installed by default during the WordPress installation. This parameter is changed in case of moving your site to another domain.
4 - Site Address (URL) is the URL of the Site. This setting can be changed in case of a different index URL of the site page. This requires changes in the htaccess file or moving the index.php file to a specific directory.
5 - Administration Email Address - the email address of the site administrator. Installed during the installation of WordPress. Designed to communicate with registered users and site visitors by e-mail. You can change to another address.
6- Membership - if you check the box, then any visitor can register. Designed for registration of subscribers, members of a closed site, authors of blogs and articles, administrators.
7- New User default role - the default rights of newly registered users. It is recommended to leave Subscriber.
8 - Site language - the working language of the site. The frontend and backend of the site will be displayed in the specified language.
9 - Time Zone - the default time zone is set
Coordinated Universal Time (UTS +0).
UTS is the primary time standard by which the world regulates time zones.
10 - Format Date - allows you to select the mode of displaying dates on the site.
11 - Time Format - defines the format for displaying time on the site.
12 - Week starts on - a parameter that allows you to select the day that will be displayed in the first column of the calendar on the site.