Discussion  Settings in WordPress

The WordPress  Discussion Settings  group sets up feedback options - by the comment of authors or readers of blogs and articles. Let's take a closer look at setting these options (see the screenshot below).

Discussion Setting  group in WordPress

Section Default post settings.WordPress Discussion Setting  (1)

Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the post - checking this box generates pings to external articles or sites using the links specified in the message.
Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new posts - checking the box means that external sites will generate pingbacks if they have links to your site.
Allow people to submit comments on new posts - a checkbox in this field allows adding comments to new posts.

Section Other comment settings.WordPress Discussion Setting (2)

Comment author must fill out name and email - when checking this box, the author of the comment must fill in the additional Name and Email fields to send his message.
Users must be registered and logged in to comment - to add a comment, you must register and log in to the site (the box is checked).
Automatically close comments on posts older than [N] days - the number of days during which it is possible to add comments to articles. days are counted from the moment of publication of the article. In the form field you must select the checkbox and the number of days
Show comments cookies opt-in checkbox, allowing comment author cookies to be set - activating the checkbox allows you to create cookies to fill in additional fields in comments.
Enable threaded (nested) comments levels deep - permission to leave nested comments up to 10 levels deep (the checkbox is activated).
Break comments into pages with top level comments per page and the page displayed by default - determines the number of comments on the page.
Comments should be displayed with the comments at the top of each page - sorting and publishing the list of comments by time.

Section Email me whenever.WordPress  Discussion Setting (3)

Anyone posts a comment - any visitor can leave a comment.
A comment is held for moderation - the submitted comment is not published without prior moderation.

Section Before a comment appears.WordPress Discussion Setting (4)

Comment must be manually approved - the publication of a comment must be approved by the Site Administrator or a registered user - Moderator, who has role-playing rights.
Comment author must have a previously approved comment - compare the email addresses of the author of the comment and the email addresses of already approved messages (checked). If there is a match, then the comment is published. Otherwise, the comment is subject to mandatory moderation.

Comment Moderation.WordPress Discussion Setting (5)

Hold a comment in the queue if it contains or more links - leave a comment for moderation if it (comment) contains [N] hyperlinks. The number [N] needs to be set.
Moderation field - a field for comment words that require moderation. They are written one word per line. If the comment contains at least one of the words specified in the field, the comment is moderated.

Comment Blocklist.WordPress Discussion Setting (6)

Banned Words Field - If the comments contain words from the specified list, then the comment is sent to the trash can.