Installing WordPress Manually

You can install WordPress manually. Consider installing WordPress on your hosting servers  with cPanel. To do this, you must have:
- WordPress installation files;
- a registered database that will support the operation of the CMS.
The latest WordPress installation files can be downloaded as a zip archive from the home site.
The database and user information must be created in the cPanel section "DATABASES" on the page "MYSQL Databases". Information about the name of the database, username, user password must be remembered for use during the installation of the CMS.
Let's take a look at the WordPress installation process:

Use file manager from cPanel

Log into your cPanel account and click on the File Manager icon.

Use Upload button in the file manager


The File Manager page opens. Download the installation zip file. To do this, open the "Upload" button, open the upload page and use Select to select
installation file (screenshot below).

File upload in file manager

Return to the File Manager page and refresh it ("Reload").

Unzipping a file in the cPanel  file manager

After downloading the file, unzip the file. To do this, select the zip file and click on the Exctract button (see the screenshot above).

Extracting files from  ZIP file in cPanel

Specify the path of the unzipped files.

Extraction Results in cPanel

A list of unzipped files will appear. Close the list.

refresh page of cpanel file manager

Reload the File Manager page ("Reload" button).

Deleting a file on the cPanel file manager page

All unzipped files are located in the WordPress folder. Zip file is not needed .It can be removed.

List of WordPress files after zip file extraction

Let's proceed with the installation. Type in your browser the address: http: // your domen / wordpress /.
This will open the Initial WordPress installation window.

Installing WordPress - Selecting the interface language for WordPress

Select a working language for front and back end WordPress.

Information about the configuration file of wordpress.

Filling in the form fields of the parameters of the WordPress database.

Fill in the indicated fields of the database form with the information received when creating a new WordPress database.

Installing WordPress. Registration data to enter the administrative panel

Fill in all the fields on the form. The contents of the Username and Password fields must be remembered (used to register in the Vorpress Administrative Panel). Also, Your Email is used as a mailing address for sending a detailed report on the results of the WordPress installation.

Successful installation page.

This completes the installation of Wordpress. To enter the Administrative Panel, click the Log in button.


Вы можете установить WordPress вручную. Рассмотрите возможность установки WordPress на свои серверы хостинга с помощью cPanel.