Database creation with cPanel

To install Wordpress manually, you must first create a database, the parameters of which are used when installing the CMS. Let's consider creating a database on hosting with cPanel.

Log into your cPanel account and click on the "MYSQL Databases" icon.

Database creaction in cPanel.

In the "New Database" field, write down the name of the database and click on the "Create Database" button.

Result of opening a new database in cPanel.

If the database has been created successfully, a page will open with the full name of the created database.
Return to the original page by clicking on "Go back".

Adding a database user to cPanel.

In the Add User to Database section, select user (1) for the created database   (2) and click on the "Add" button 3.

Assigning Privileges to a Database User in cPanel.

On the Manage User Privileges page, define the user privileges. Return to the original page.

CPanel Current Databases table.

A row with the parameters of the newly created database should appear in the Current Databases table, which can be easily edited.

Information about the name of the database, username, user password must be remembered for use during the installation of the Wordpress CMS.


Чтобы установить Wordpress вручную, необходимо сначала создать базу данных, параметры которой используются при установке CMS.